Chapter 7 Verse 26

"O Arjuna, I am aware of the creatures of the past, the present, and the future;
but Me no one knows"

What does it to mean to be ‘I Am Aware’ of the creatures of past, present and the future unless both the past and the future are happening now in the present? This means that time then is an illusion and not linear as we think it is.

Moreover the reference point is creatures or the manifested world, again, the past, present and future can exist only in reference to something and creature or the manifested world as we know it is the reference.

But what if there is no reference, will time exist still? Does time exist in nothingness or is that timelessness? The answer to that is given at the end of that verse

‘But me no one knows’

We still have miles to go before we finally know it and reach the end of our sojourn.


Hi Rajat,
I gave up being a philosopher because it always confused me. In the past couple of years I have gotten down to action and that has helped me. For instance the thoughts you wrote on time, its a good thought, makes one think of another perspective, gives another dimension to what we have already learnt and know, but how do I translate that into my world today. How does this knowledge help me be a better person and get better at what I do.
I know the thoughts you expressed are not a whole but a part of the bigger discourse, but this has always been my confusion.
Have i confused you :) ?

February 1, 2008 at 10:23 PM  

Hi Priya,
No, you have not confused me. It is good that you are taking action, a karma yogi, but again action is based on belief and your beliefs are based on your current perspective - including the one that philosphy is confusing :).

How do you use the concept of no time practically in your life?

Firstly you can use reduce the anxiety in your life by reframing how you calculate time (how much time you've got and how you are wasting your time).

Secondly rather than assuming that you have all the time in the world, make only the present moment vital and start focusing on what you can do with things right now rather than all the things you may do tommorrow at the cost of today.

Thirdly, by not dwelling on non-linear time, you are free from your current physical appearance and can do what you wish to do rather than that being determined by your age, gender and enviornment.

I hope some of your queries have been answered. Keep coming back, things are just starting out around here.

May the force be with you :-)

February 3, 2008 at 3:36 AM  

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